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Wardrobe wisdom…

  1. I came back to Prague yesterday after spending a couple of weeks in London.  The change in weather and the fortnight-long holiday makes me feel like I’m about to start a new school term.  That, and the fact that I took basically my entire wardrobe to London and therefore needed to unpack everything, inspired me to do a bit of spring cleaning.   I spent a happy couple of hours folding, tidying, sorting and throwing away.  It was like the scene in the first SATC movie only with far less couture. And to be honest, there was not much throwing away, only wire hangers and odd socks.  But it all looks so much better.

Carrie's closet from SATC. Sigh....if only

 As I am someone who doesn’t really throw things away ever, my wardrobe offers a bizarre insight into the last decade or so of my life. This has inspired me to put together some gentle Sunday sartorial wisdom…

  1. Eight black round or V-neck jumpers/cardigans is too many.  Working in the City in London has obviously taken its toll.  A whole shelf of my cupboard looks like it’s going to a funeral.
  2. It is unrealistic to expect a growth spurt in your mid-to-late twenties.  The too-long trousers I optimistically (foolishly) bought two years ago remain too-long today. It is safe to assume they always will.
  3. Very few people suit bright yellow. It makes most people look like seriously ill.  What was I thinking?
  4. Holes do not vanish if you ignore them for six months. Buttons will not re-attach themselves as if by magic.
  5. There are actually good clothes shops in Prague. I lied when I said (repeatedly) that I do not really shop here. My wardrobe has expanded considerably since October, despite my insistence that shopping here is rubbish unless you’re really loaded. I am preparing a post on Prague shopping, but need to make sure I ‘research’ it properly first…
  6. My mum was right – if they’re not comfortable in the shop, they never will be (evidenced by two pairs of hardly-worn not-cheap shoes and a pack of blister plasters)
  7. I went to a very middle-class university in England – I have about twenty pashminas of varying quality and a large number of polo shirts with my name on the back. I don’t play polo.
  8. It is ok to be so shallow that a rainbow of Longchamp handbags is enough to make you smile.

Red and yellow and pink and green/ Purple and orange and blue/ You can sing a rainbow/ Sing a rainbow/ Sing a rainbow too...

Finally: Diet and exercise fads do not work. Despite my discovery of: long-distance running, spinning, bikram yoga, fat-free ice cream, quark and acai berries, my body has not significantly changed size or shape over the last ten years. This is happily demonstrated by the fact that the dress I wore to my eighteenth birthday party still fits like a glove. This fact alone is something I will celebrate, every day.


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3 thoughts on “Wardrobe wisdom…

  1. Lovely read, as per usual. I am looking forward to the research discussion re: good shopping in Prague — as I must confess, (to my despair)I will not be returning from the Big Apple with as many suites as I was originally hoping for. Looks like discovering Prague’s world of tailoring will be a necessity. Looking for an advisor — would you know of any? 😉

    Posted by Katerina | May 1, 2011, 9:57 pm
  2. Hi! I will be visiting Prague soon for a few days. I, too, love Longchamp! Can you recommend a good place to buy them in Prague? i will be staying in the Old Town area. Thanks! Love your writing style!

    Posted by Susan | April 25, 2012, 12:21 pm
    • Hi Susan – they’re fairly common here so you should see them in a number of shops. I know that one of the shopping arcades of Na Prikope (near Mustek metro) has a shoe shop that sells a lot of them – it’s the Slovansky Dum shopping arcade and the shop is on the right as you walk through from Na Prikope. Otherwise, there is a small Longchamp shop in the airport!
      enjoy your trip!

      Posted by CzechingIn | April 25, 2012, 3:00 pm

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