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Essex or St. Tropez?

The Duchess of Cambridge. Definitely not Essex. (Repeat to fade...)

I had to make an emergency purchase this afternoon. White jeans.  I know, worn the wrong way white jeans do have a tendency to scream “Essex!” but worn the right way (which I fancy is how I wear them), they are more “South of France, darling”.

 My beloved white jeans, which are a bit of summertime second skin, bit the dust at the weekend. To be honest, at two years old I am amazed they got as far as they did.  White is after all, a colour that draws dirt towards it like a magnet.  I never seriously expected them to get through the first week unscathed.

As it is, they lasted and served me very well – through tricky summer clothing situations and when you want to look summery but have very pasty legs. I was sad when, on Saturday, post washing machine induced shrinkage (the jeans, not me), I heard a ripping sound as I tried to put them on.  There is now a rather trashy looking rip just below my right buttock…  This is slightly mortifying. I tried to blame the rip on the two years of wear and tear and the washing-machine shrinkage, but realised this was a slippery slope.  If you start denying the extra pounds, all too quickly you will end up having to be hoisted from your house by a crane, being too heavy to even walk…It these sort of people who appear on Jerry Springer. I think a pre-summer holiday crash diet will probably do the trick at this stage…

Confusingly, the original jeans (White Company) are the same size, numerically, as the new jeans (different shop) but this time they fit. I won’t argue with the numbers…

I would love to tell you that I bought the new jeans from an interesting, chic-yet-affordable, as yet unknown in Western Europe Czech clothing brand.  I’ve told you before:  that just does not exist.  And I am too short (and poor) for Prada or Gucci or anywhere else on Parizka. So I went Zara.   

I love the new jeans less than the original ones, but these things take time. Maybe in two years’ time I will be mourning these ones, with an even bigger right-side bottom-cheek. It gives me some comfort though that as well as several stores in Essex, Zara has five in the south of France…


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