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First of the Losers

What can I say, team CzechingIn….we missed out by three votes, about 0.4%. Boo.   Last night was like a cross between voting for school prefects and Eurovision.  Whilst it was not quite ‘nil point’ – I mustered just over 40% of the vote, and have been awarded “Silver” by the nice people organising the competition (see here for more information) –  Chris and his expat adventure beat me to the crunch at the last minute and was crowned Eastern Europe’ Expat Blogger 2011.  Bravo Chris – I’m pleased we kept it in Czechland.

Hey-ho. Onwards and upwards etc. To be honest, I think hubby (who morphed into a proud-yet-pushy parent type over the past week) is more disappointed than I am, having pushed my election campaign and rallied voters with a relentless enthusiasm.

 I have no idea who nominated the blog in the first place, but thank you. And thanks to everyone who voted and passed on the link.  A number of people have discovered this site for the first time through the awards website, which is really excellent.

I love writing this blog. I love that people read and respond to it. I relish the opportunity to be creative, to keep in touch with friends and to make some new ones.  I’m particularly enjoying my collaboration with the Guardian Travel and the inspiration and energy that these projects give me to keep exploring Prague.  I hope you keep enjoying it too.


About CzechingIn

A blog about an English lady living in Prague.


3 thoughts on “First of the Losers

  1. Hey, Congratulations – I think the competition served it’s purpose and lots of people (myslef included) have stumbled upon lots of other really good writers.

    Good luck with your Guardian Travel collaboration!

    Posted by Teflsecretagent | August 1, 2011, 12:50 pm
  2. I was such a close and exciting competition!
    Thanks again CzechinIn for doing your bit and publicizing the competition.

    All the best!

    Posted by Steve | August 2, 2011, 7:30 am

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