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How to have a happy hangover

I was worried recently that I’d run out of things to tell you about. Then something happened that gave me a whole new Prague-y perspective for me to share.

I got drunk. Hammered actually. I by-passed merry and tipsy and ended up at completely trollied.  The next day I woke up and felt as you would expect – as if my head was caving in and my life was reaching a premature end.  

During the first few minutes after waking I experienced a number of feelings: nausea obviously, shame, as I rang a friend to cancel brunch plans on account of being “drunken” (I must have been in a bad way to have used the word “drunken”) and paranoia – the kittens were mewing plaintively and (I’m sure I’m not imagining it) looking at me with massive judgemental eyes.

Whilst, in my experience, only time can actually cure a hangover, there are a lot of things one can do to make the process a little bit more comfortable. Through the fog of my headache, I started thinking about some of the Prague based options….


When I’m suffering, I need to eat. A lot.  Forget alcohol calories, most of mine come from the food I consume when I’m too overhung to care. My food cravings go from the sublime to the ridiculous – sushi (I know raw fish can turn some people’s stomachs, but I love it), or a McDonalds breakfast normally appeals.  Anything soft that doesn’t require much chewing also usually does the trick – bananas, eggs, avocado mashed onto bread, noodle soup. I just discovered Pho Vietnam within stumbling distance from my apartment, which offers very good soup for just this purpose.

For fans of a bacon sandwich, my new apartment is also near the epicentre of English food in Prague – Robertsons.  Lovely Robertsons is the only place in Prague selling proper English bacon. The city is full of shops claiming to offer this but they mostly lie and provide smoked ham instead, which is not the same thing at all.

Get some fresh air

Whilst it may feel like the last thing you’d want to do, I think going out and getting some fresh air can do a hangover the world of good. Whilst I’m not one of those sadists who advocates actually doing proper exercise on a hangover (to “sweat it out”. Lovely) I do think a gentle lap of the park can help.

The bigger the glasses the better

I have previously taken a hung-over stroll down the river (donning massive sunglasses of first, of course, to block out headache inspiring sunlight). This is great as they have lots of benches, in case the exertion becomes too much. I also wandered about Riegrovy Sady recently, the park near the new apartment. This is less advisable when still suffering the aftereffects of a big night – it is a lovely park but was full of small dogs and small children, which don’t do much to ease a hangover.

Have a cup of tea

As housemates of days gone by will testify, I’ve been hung-over with the best of them. At uni we had a ready supply of Earl Grey for such a time.  When I lived with my pal Pal she once gently woke me up after an appallingly over ambitious mid-week night out, with a strong brew and a piece of toast and a gentle reminder that I had to leave for work in about seven minutes.  Happy times.

I have recently started a series of reviews on Prague tea houses. I haven’t tested this, but I think these would also be a great place to rest a weary head and try to shake off the shakes. All the herbal tea and goodness around you can’t fail to have an effect. Many of them have floor cushions so you can lie down as if in a soft padded cell. They also tend to be non-smoking, which is great if, like me, the smell of smoke can turn an already nauseous stomach with lightning speed.

Hair of the dog?

No chance.  But if you can hack the pace, Prague is full of places that will happily oblige.

Of course, on this particular hung-over morning, I considered all these options thoughtfully, if through a headachy haze.

 I then did what any normal person would do, and turned off my alarm, turned over and went back to sleep.


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3 thoughts on “How to have a happy hangover

  1. I generally go for the hair of the dog option. As my mother used to say;

    “What makes you ill makes you better!”

    Although a full English breakfast to soak up the alcohol also works. With a beer, of course!

    But I do live in Zizkov, so this kind of behaviour is sort of expected!

    Posted by Damien | September 8, 2011, 6:45 pm
  2. I was just reading this with a hangover from hell; so appropriate and so wonderfully funny it put a smile on my face. Adam x

    Posted by adam | September 10, 2011, 3:43 pm

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