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No wine or chocolate – except when I deserve either

Hello all and apologies for the long silence. I’ve been a busy bee over the last few weeks trotting around Europe celebrating Christmas and New Year with friends and family, and my wedding anniversary with hubby. Since being back in Prague I’ve been under the weather with an uncommonly harsh common cold – too much drinking from wet glasses my mother would say.

I have also been getting to grips with my over-ambitious New Year’s resolutions.  You may remember that last year I resolved to do less . I am pleased to say I failed miserably – 2011 was a busy, and very lovely, year.  I definitely didn’t do less, but much much more and this year I am hoping for more of the same.  One friend has said that my extra-curricular endeavours are a ‘phase’.  I think she may be right, but whilst it lasts I have resolved to: read more, write more, learn more Czech, use less central heating, travel to six eastern European cities and run four half marathons.  2012 may be the year that kills me…

The half marathon plan started with my spontaneous suggestion that I could run twelve races in 2012, each in a different city. I  realised almost immediately that this was a ridiculous plan with the potential to ruin me physically, emotionally and (considering the travel and accommodation costs) financially.  I scaled back to six. I then realised that January and February are essentially un-runnable in Prague, and that I was already seeing an osteopath for back and hip pain. So I dropped down to a more manageable four – one per season. 

The first race is at the end of March in Prague.  The training schedule is in the diary and looks manageable (I say that now – ask me again in five weeks). The running diet started today: hubby and I have an additional shared resolution to eat more healthily. Despite recent medical advice to the contrary, we have given up alcohol for January.   We have also given up all meat (not poultry or fish as hubby went a bit pale at the thought), snacks and chocolate.   We started today, rather than the more traditional first of January as we were off having fun in Rome, which sounded distinctly less fun without the key ingredients of booze, meat and dessert. You see the kind of self-discipline we are struggling with.

I was reading the paper the other day (as part of NYRes Operation Read More) and it listed the resolutions of the great and the good. These included Jonathan Dimbleby’s – “not even a glass of wine at lunch time and no chocolate – except when I deserve either“.  I think we could be friends.


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3 thoughts on “No wine or chocolate – except when I deserve either

  1. Aside from the March half marathon in Prague, what other races are you running? Will you be doing the Olomouc half marathon as well?

    Posted by Grace | February 15, 2012, 7:31 am
  2. Hi Grace!

    Yes I am running Olomouc in June as well. Also doing the Grand Union Canal 1/2 in England in November. Still deciding on the 4th – would like to find one to run in October. Otherwise my husband and I may do a long run in Prague, south along the river and back…

    it’s hard to keep the motivation up though, especially when it’s so cold!

    Posted by CzechingIn | February 15, 2012, 1:36 pm


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