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Thank-you and Goodnight!

Today is my final day in the Golden City. Everything except the laptop is packed neatly into one very large truck and I am sitting on the floor of my apartment with nothing more to do aside from post my final blog.

The apartment (not ‘flat’ FYI – I quickly learned that only the UK has flats. The continent has apartments) is looking more lovely than ever – all air and light as sunshine from the end of the Prague summer fills the space, which is all high ceilings and large rooms. The French windows are all open and the warm September air breezes in, carrying with it the sound of bird song from the park next door. Idyllic. Ummm – why are we moving again?! Oh yes, because we missed London with all its wonderful noise and delightfully predictable rainy summers, and rather expensive housing and marvellously unreliable transport. Lovely lovely London.  

Before I revert to type (chippy Londoner who defies anyone else to criticise the UK’s capital city) I will spend a final few hours as a Praguer. Hubby and I were enjoying our Last Prague Supper yesterday and reflected on our time here and how we have changed.  We arrived here as almost newlyweds and leave even happier together than when we arrived. There’s nothing like moving to a town where you don’t know anyone to make or break a new marriage!

I have changed hugely and am reliably informed that I am a ‘lot less ‘stressy – although today being moving day, perhaps it’s not the time to put that to the test.

I have changed in other ways as well. I am now a blogger, a one-time-only BBC broadcaster, an ex-lawyer and almost a student again – all things that were only very terrifying pipe dreams when we first arrived in Prague. Living overseas changes your ambitions and perspective like nothing else I’ve experienced. I hope I’ve become a bit braver, and a little kinder.

I’ve also broadened my mind and learned a lot. Here are the top three lessons I learned in Prague:

–          You can’t be far from home if you walked there – helpful advice from a wonderful friend when I first moved to Prague. Words that I will continue to cling on to whenever I am lost, anywhere

–          Mullet haircuts still exist, but shouldn’t

–          Smiling translates

I am really thankful for my time in Prague. Not only is it a beautiful city unlike anywhere else I have lived, it is also the reason I have come to make so many new friendships, and valued so many old ones.  And whilst I will certainly miss small-city living – easy transport, lots of green spaces and a pretty relaxing lifestyle – absence has made my heart grow even fonder and I’m very excited about the next chapter.

All that is left is to send a very big Thank You to all of you lovely people who have read and commented on the blog, and to Simon and Pippa who designed it for me in the first place.

In a well-placed and entirely predictable play on words: CzechingIn is now CzechingOut. It’s been a blast.


About CzechingIn

A blog about an English lady living in Prague.


5 thoughts on “Thank-you and Goodnight!

  1. Oh the envy. Have a wonderful journey home and best wishes for all that is to come.

    Posted by ourpragueblog | August 30, 2012, 4:47 pm
  2. Good luck – I’ve enjoyed the blog. Wil you still blog in London?

    Posted by Lee | August 30, 2012, 4:48 pm
  3. Safe travels!

    Posted by Katerina | August 30, 2012, 6:27 pm
  4. Noooo. Farewell PhD procrastination reading. Can you write a blog about London when you get back??

    Posted by Alice | September 3, 2012, 3:40 pm

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