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Ah – Blog Friends

How things change. About a year ago I was blog-less (and to be honest, rather considered blogs to be the preserve of people without fully functioning social abilities). How wrong I was. The blog has actually been a brilliant way to meet people in Prague, and to keep in touch with friends elsewhere.  Who knew? … Continue reading

Five steps to an awesome autumn

Those of you in Prague and perhaps elsewhere in Europe, may have noticed the arrival of autumn.  From the rapidly dropping evening temperature and red leaves on every tree to magazines featuring “Winter coats 2011” – winter is on its way. This got me thinking about the winter treats in which you are able to indulge in a city where … Continue reading

Siva Tearoom – An Oasis in the Golden City?

Published originally with expats.cz ‘Siva’ is the name of a Saharan oasis, offering rest and peace to weary travellers and traders. Siva Čajovna is located on Masná in the Old Town and describes itself as an Arabian coffee and tea house. How did it compare to its namesake? Siva makes a good first impression. On entering … Continue reading

Put the Kettle On

Ah – tea.  This is a matter of crucial importance to many Brits and I am no exception.  I am of the opinion that a good cuppa can solve many of the world’s ills, or at least delay having to actually deal with them.  Tea is a matter close to my heart, and so I … Continue reading

No sparrows. Sack optional. Maitrea vegetarian restaurant in Prague 1

Recently I discovered a lovely restaurant just around the corner from my flat – Maitrea.  It’s veggie but don’t let that put you off – it’s not too horribly wholesome or full of people wearing sacks instead of proper clothes.    In a city where chicken is sometimes the veggie option, it was great to find this little gem, for … Continue reading

Starbucks schmarbucks – on drinking coffee in the Czech capital

Over the last couple of days I’ve seen so many Starbucks.  I know the one just off Stare Mesto Namesti has been there for years, and the one over in Mala Strana is not new either.  But there are now two on Wenceslas Square, one in Palladium, one at Dejvická and one on Na Poříčí.  I’m pretty sure there … Continue reading

Friends with no Friends? – Roberts Wine in Karlin

I had a very successful friend-date this weekend.  Actually, it was a multiple-friend-date with some of the Prague-based ladies in my life.  As I mentioned right at the outset of this blog  making friends in a new city where you don’t know a soul and don’t really speak the language, is no mean feat. It’s a … Continue reading

Surprise! – The Pind in Vinohrady

 This weekend some of our friends from the UK paid us a surprise visit.  Actually, I was in on the surprise, but hubby was in the dark until Friday evening when they arrived and we did a bit of jumping about whilst shouting “Surprise”, which I am pretty sure gave it away.  We had a … Continue reading

Guilty pleasures – What I do in Prague when nobody is watching – Bakeshop in Prague 1

I would like to make it clear at the outset that this post will be less naughty than it sounds (my Dad reads this blog).     I was having a chat with my oldest friend (in terms of how long I have known her, rather than her age…) recently about the things we think we “should” … Continue reading