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Mmmmm…New boots

I have a mega crush. Sorry hubby, you’re lovely but I have a new infatuation now. My new boots. I had a horrible day the other day so, instead of doing anything rational to solve it, I had a G&T (in keeping with the January resolution of not drinking unless I really deserve it) and … Continue reading

Five steps to an awesome autumn

Those of you in Prague and perhaps elsewhere in Europe, may have noticed the arrival of autumn.  From the rapidly dropping evening temperature and red leaves on every tree to magazines featuring “Winter coats 2011” – winter is on its way. This got me thinking about the winter treats in which you are able to indulge in a city where … Continue reading

How to have a happy hangover

I was worried recently that I’d run out of things to tell you about. Then something happened that gave me a whole new Prague-y perspective for me to share. I got drunk. Hammered actually. I by-passed merry and tipsy and ended up at completely trollied.  The next day I woke up and felt as you … Continue reading

Snap Happy

I went to a two-day photography workshop this weekend.  I recently ‘inherited’ a digital SLR camera from my good friend Simon (who also named and designed this blog for me, so there’s lots to thank him for) and I thought I’d better learn how to use it.  Prague is such a beautiful city, and you … Continue reading

Wardrobe wisdom…

I came back to Prague yesterday after spending a couple of weeks in London.  The change in weather and the fortnight-long holiday makes me feel like I’m about to start a new school term.  That, and the fact that I took basically my entire wardrobe to London and therefore needed to unpack everything, inspired me to … Continue reading

Shopping in Schengen (and a charity link)

I’ve had a lovely weekend with my parents and some friends who came to visit.  They flew in on Saturday morning, which was the start of the sunniest weekend Prague’s had this year.  Lovely. Their flying here surprised me in itself as, the last time my parents visited they had one of the most dreadful … Continue reading

A few of my favourite things (take 2)

I told you this would happen. I am indecisive and unable to make up my mind.  The time has come to update my personal list of Prague’s top attractions.  Previously I favoured: the metro system, the opera, carp at Christmas, weird name abbreviations, Czech inventions and the Woman on Zelezna.  Just the other day I realised it … Continue reading

Prague to Inverness and back again, via the lap of luxury

We went back to the UK this weekend, to spend a weekend with some friends in Scotland.  On the way hubby and I each made a list of things we missed from home.  His list included Malteasers, Match of the Day and Pret a Manger.  Mine consisted of Columbia Road flower market, the Royal Family and … Continue reading

New boots, old squirrel

My wardrobe has changed considerably over the last few months. I was warned by a number of people about the severity of the Prague winter but I don’t think I took adequate notice.  In the same way that people do not have the physical capacity to fully remember or properly imagine painful sensations, I do not think … Continue reading

A Few of my Favourite Things (Take-One)

Someone recently expressed concern that I am not having a very good time over here.  I am most concerned to have misled you all – although there are some days when I miss everyone dreadfully, and its bloody cold and I can’t understand what people are saying half the time. During the other half of … Continue reading