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“An Ace Caff with Quite a Nice Museum Attached” (Saatchi & Saatchi, on the V&A)

Last night I went to the opening of the Middle East Europe exhibition at DOX, one of my favourite galleries in Prague. My review is now live on Expat.cz – click here to view. This new exhibition considers the impact of modern media on wars and ethnic conflicts, focusing on the Arab-Israeli tension.  It presents the modern … Continue reading

BeenThere. Done that.

I seem to have the best time visiting cities when I’m with someone who actually lives there.  I’m not always very good left to my own devices for a weekend.  I get a bit flustered under all of the time pressure – the requirement to use 48 hours effectively enough to see all the sites as … Continue reading

Snap Happy

I went to a two-day photography workshop this weekend.  I recently ‘inherited’ a digital SLR camera from my good friend Simon (who also named and designed this blog for me, so there’s lots to thank him for) and I thought I’d better learn how to use it.  Prague is such a beautiful city, and you … Continue reading

My Girl Crush at the Prague Fringe Festival

A friend accused me of blog-tardiness yesterday.  I almost exploded on the spot as, from my perspective, I have been very busy indeed.  I almost reached Legend status on Sunday actually, when I somehow managed to fit in 90 minutes of Bikram yoga, 3 Prague Fringe events over 4 hours, writing two Prague Fringe reviews, … Continue reading

As I Liked It

As a rule, I don’t like modern off-the-wall interpretations of Shakespeare. I don’t profess to know the man, but I really don’t think William would have liked people messing about with his iambic pentameter and using modern urban slang.  Which is why I am remarkably surprised to find myself getting up early today in order to hurriedly write this post telling … Continue reading

Happiness Is…Jedward?

I think the rest of Europe was watching Eurovision last night.  The Czech Republic did not have a participating act, which begs the question: Why?  Did the Czechs decide they had something better to put their public money towards (you actually have to pay for the humiliation of participating in Eurovision) or was their proposed … Continue reading

Time for Týn

Last week I went for a wander around Týn Church (officially, the Church of Our Lady before Týn)  in the Old Town.  This was spurred on by some visitors going there a few weeks ago and telling me about it, with an assumption that I knew what on earth they were talking about. Embarrassingly, at that stage I had … Continue reading

Nice camera. Shame about the photos…

I went to the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition at Somerset House today, which is part of the World Photography Festival hosted at the same location.  The clue is in the title – this is an exhibition ‘benefiting’ heavily from Sony sponsorship.  Sony is quite natural sponsor of this sort of exhibition/competition. After all, Sony does … Continue reading

An astronomical disappointment?

I got in a bit of a funk yesterday on the way home from work. I was walking across Staré Město Náměstí (Old Town Square) when I was almost run over by a “beer bike”.  For those not in the know, a beer bike is popular with stag-do’s in Amsterdam and Berlin and now, apparently, Prague.  It involves a group … Continue reading