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Save the Last Dance

I recently went to a Ballet class at my gym. I don’t normally dance but last week I read that if we want bodies like dancers – long, lean muscles, and the ability to do the splits –  we should exercise like them.  Out with spinning/cycling (big thighs), body pump (new-look Jodie Marsh) and horse … Continue reading

Modern legend David Christof

I recently interviewed ultra-runner and modern legend David Christof. We met up about a week after I ran the Prague half marathon, which had gone very well. A very good friend sent me some sound advice on my way to meet Christof: Don’t, under any circumstances try to impress him with your half marathon time. … Continue reading

When I am an old woman

Hello dear reader – it’s been a while. A combination of tending to a poorly cat, going on holiday, training for the Prague half marathon and writing some cafe reviews has conspired to keep me from blogging as frequently before. Whilst I was away skiing however, inspiration bit and I saw something that I just had to share:  An old man … Continue reading

There are two types of people in the world

It was snowing in Prague 2 at 7.15 this morning. I know as together with hubby, I was outside running in it.  I mentioned a while ago that one of my over ambitious new year resolutions was to run four half marathons in 2012. As if this wasn’t enough, I decided to schedule the first one for March, just … Continue reading

A lesson in frugal living (Part 2 of 2)

When I left you (on Tuesday evening) my frugal-challenge was going relatively well.  I should warn you, it took a turn for the worse. Much of the week carried on as planned, with some minor set backs. For instance, one day, in a desperate bid for a non-muesli breakfast I bought a croissant AND a cheeky coffee between the gym and work. Bad … Continue reading

A lesson in frugal living (Part 1 of 2)

This week I am undertaking a little social experiment.  I decided to join some friends in trying to live for a week on under £20 (595 czk in case you were wondering – let’s call it 600). This was prompted by a (fairly old) article by Stuart Jeffries at the Guardian in which he tried to … Continue reading

Remember Movember. Or “All good blog posts start with some inane chat about the weather”

Ah, November is here.  For some autumnal joy have a look at my Flickr page, including snaps from my recent stroll through the forest near Karlštejn.  I felt the winter creeping on this morning though.  I’d meant to go for a run early this morning but the chilly cloud of frozen fog that had wrapped its sneaky … Continue reading

The spirit of Christmas present(s)

I am increasingly irritated by X-factor, which I watch with embarrassing regularity.  It’s not the almost universal mediocrity of the contestants. It’s not Kelly Rowland’s inability to speak in proper English or her calling all women who are black and/or plump ‘Mama’.  And it’s not Dermot O-Leary constantly wearing light brown shoes with a blue pin-stripe … Continue reading

Make Do and Mend

Earlier this week a button came off my coat. This has irritated me for two main reasons: Firstly, it was a new coat, that I bought from Mango (name and shame) last week. I don’t like high street fashion as a general rule as I think it’s a false economy, and things like this prove my point … Continue reading

Happiness Is…Jedward?

I think the rest of Europe was watching Eurovision last night.  The Czech Republic did not have a participating act, which begs the question: Why?  Did the Czechs decide they had something better to put their public money towards (you actually have to pay for the humiliation of participating in Eurovision) or was their proposed … Continue reading