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Starbucks schmarbucks – on drinking coffee in the Czech capital

Over the last couple of days I’ve seen so many Starbucks.  I know the one just off Stare Mesto Namesti has been there for years, and the one over in Mala Strana is not new either.  But there are now two on Wenceslas Square, one in Palladium, one at Dejvická and one on Na Poříčí.  I’m pretty sure there … Continue reading

Prague to Inverness and back again, via the lap of luxury

We went back to the UK this weekend, to spend a weekend with some friends in Scotland.  On the way hubby and I each made a list of things we missed from home.  His list included Malteasers, Match of the Day and Pret a Manger.  Mine consisted of Columbia Road flower market, the Royal Family and … Continue reading

Nigella never had to put up with this sort of rubbish…

I like to cook, I really do. For friends and family who come to visit, and for friends that we are making here. Our apartment here has the nicest kitchen I have ever had in rented accommodation, and so it seems a shame not to use it.  I also like to cook on a daily … Continue reading

A Few of my Favourite Things (Take-One)

Someone recently expressed concern that I am not having a very good time over here.  I am most concerned to have misled you all – although there are some days when I miss everyone dreadfully, and its bloody cold and I can’t understand what people are saying half the time. During the other half of … Continue reading

Guilty pleasures – What I do in Prague when nobody is watching – Bakeshop in Prague 1

I would like to make it clear at the outset that this post will be less naughty than it sounds (my Dad reads this blog).     I was having a chat with my oldest friend (in terms of how long I have known her, rather than her age…) recently about the things we think we “should” … Continue reading