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No wine or chocolate – except when I deserve either

Hello all and apologies for the long silence. I’ve been a busy bee over the last few weeks trotting around Europe celebrating Christmas and New Year with friends and family, and my wedding anniversary with hubby. Since being back in Prague I’ve been under the weather with an uncommonly harsh common cold – too much drinking … Continue reading

Ah – Blog Friends

How things change. About a year ago I was blog-less (and to be honest, rather considered blogs to be the preserve of people without fully functioning social abilities). How wrong I was. The blog has actually been a brilliant way to meet people in Prague, and to keep in touch with friends elsewhere.  Who knew? … Continue reading

The spirit of Christmas present(s)

I am increasingly irritated by X-factor, which I watch with embarrassing regularity.  It’s not the almost universal mediocrity of the contestants. It’s not Kelly Rowland’s inability to speak in proper English or her calling all women who are black and/or plump ‘Mama’.  And it’s not Dermot O-Leary constantly wearing light brown shoes with a blue pin-stripe … Continue reading

The Golden Piglet on the Wall, and other stories

The other day my cat knocked over my mirror in the early hours of the morning. The mirror smashed in a dramatic style all over my bedroom floor, sending the cat (unhurt) dashing out of my room, only to run round and round the apartment until it got dizzy.  After I had got up (at 5 in the … Continue reading

A Few of my Favourite Things (Take-One)

Someone recently expressed concern that I am not having a very good time over here.  I am most concerned to have misled you all – although there are some days when I miss everyone dreadfully, and its bloody cold and I can’t understand what people are saying half the time. During the other half of … Continue reading

Upside-down Turkey and Water Nymphs

Christmas proper has come and gone. It was my first Christmas, in the sense that it was the first time I had cooked Christmas lunch. And boy did I go to town. We (me, hubby and the in-laws) had turkey, red cabbage, sprouts, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, stuffing, pigs-in-blankets, bread sauce and cranberry sauce.  There were … Continue reading

Nothing says Christmas like a gold twig.

Christmas in Praha is very jolly indeed.  I’m going out on a limb here, as it is not even Christmas proper yet. But I have had my first fake Christmas already, with another one scheduled for this weekend.  December started with an abundance of snow and with our brilliant friends Pippa and Simon coming to … Continue reading