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Thank-you and Goodnight!

Today is my final day in the Golden City. Everything except the laptop is packed neatly into one very large truck and I am sitting on the floor of my apartment with nothing more to do aside from post my final blog. The apartment (not ‘flat’ FYI – I quickly learned that only the UK … Continue reading

This is not just any blog

Earlier this week I reached an important marker in my expat life. A real milestone. A turning point. I went to M&S Food on Wenceslas Square. I have avoided this for the past thirteen months for a few reasons. Part of me (the weird part that makes up demanding rules by which to live, according to … Continue reading

Potted Expat Wisdom

Last week was a year since I moved to Prague. I missed this anniversary entirely, but refuse to acknowledge a calender malfunction as a reason not to celebrate.  Whilst still relatively ‘green’ in Prague-expat terms, I think I have now been here long enough to (i) be ashamed of my limited Czech (ii) understand how trams work and … Continue reading

You can take the girl out of London…

I am so sad.  I know that sounds trite but the events in what I still consider to be my home city are just so appalling, it is hard to be anything but sad.  I spent yesterday evening manning a one-woman Prague-based news station – streaming BBC news via VPN, refreshing my twitter stream,  checking … Continue reading

Mild Disposophobia

Disposophobia is the word for compulsive hoarding.  Now, I’m not saying that I am a chronic case, but I recently found out that I own eight hairbrushes. Eight.   I also possess almost thirty wine glasses and seventeen lighters. Neither me nor hubby smoke.  I have a bowl full of corks from special occasions that I cannot bring myself to … Continue reading

Starbucks schmarbucks – on drinking coffee in the Czech capital

Over the last couple of days I’ve seen so many Starbucks.  I know the one just off Stare Mesto Namesti has been there for years, and the one over in Mala Strana is not new either.  But there are now two on Wenceslas Square, one in Palladium, one at Dejvická and one on Na Poříčí.  I’m pretty sure there … Continue reading

Snap Happy

I went to a two-day photography workshop this weekend.  I recently ‘inherited’ a digital SLR camera from my good friend Simon (who also named and designed this blog for me, so there’s lots to thank him for) and I thought I’d better learn how to use it.  Prague is such a beautiful city, and you … Continue reading

Extreme Counting

I spent much of yesterday evening counting to fifty (in Czech).  I repeated this, out loud, over and over for about forty (čtyřicet) minutes.  I chanted numbers on and on like some sort of deranged mathematician.  I stopped at fifty (padesát) because after fifty the ending (the –desát bit) stays constant and only the start of the … Continue reading

Time for Týn

Last week I went for a wander around Týn Church (officially, the Church of Our Lady before Týn)  in the Old Town.  This was spurred on by some visitors going there a few weeks ago and telling me about it, with an assumption that I knew what on earth they were talking about. Embarrassingly, at that stage I had … Continue reading