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Five steps to an awesome autumn

Those of you in Prague and perhaps elsewhere in Europe, may have noticed the arrival of autumn.  From the rapidly dropping evening temperature and red leaves on every tree to magazines featuring “Winter coats 2011” – winter is on its way. This got me thinking about the winter treats in which you are able to indulge in a city where … Continue reading

Simply messing about in boats

I had a my pal ‘Pal’  out to stay with me in Prague this weekend (I don’t know when we started calling each other Pal, but we do, so just go with it).  It’s great having people over from the UK. They bring out all the important stuff like Grazia and the Evening Standard.  I now know all about Jen’s new … Continue reading

Location is Everything

Some friends of ours in Prague went off house hunting this weekend.  They are planning to buy a property out here, to live in for a few years, with the further potential to rent it out as and when they move on.  A sensible investment decision. But one which I don’t think I have the relaxed nature … Continue reading

I want to be Bryony Gordon

I really feel quite old at the moment. Before you let out an audible groan, I do know in my more rational moments that this is (i) not true and (ii) likely brought on my the fact that I recently celebrated my birthday. Actually, out of all the people I know, most of them are … Continue reading