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The Golden Piglet on the Wall, and other stories

The other day my cat knocked over my mirror in the early hours of the morning. The mirror smashed in a dramatic style all over my bedroom floor, sending the cat (unhurt) dashing out of my room, only to run round and round the apartment until it got dizzy.  After I had got up (at 5 in the … Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Relikvie Smrti

“Four adult tickets please”.  This is what I said to the guy at the cinema on Saturday. Actually I muttered ”čtyři” hopefully and held up four fingers, but it had much the same effect. We were queuing to see Harry Potter. It was then, whilst holding a beer at the same time as wishing that I … Continue reading

Extreme Counting

I spent much of yesterday evening counting to fifty (in Czech).  I repeated this, out loud, over and over for about forty (čtyřicet) minutes.  I chanted numbers on and on like some sort of deranged mathematician.  I stopped at fifty (padesát) because after fifty the ending (the –desát bit) stays constant and only the start of the … Continue reading

My Year in Facebook Statuses

 This week I downloaded “my year in Facebook statuses”.   Someone I hardly know and yet am virtual friends with anyway, had done a similar thing, which came up on my Facebook news-feed.  Clearly, they had enjoyed a lot of Pimms and a new niece, but had also been bored quite a lot.  I’m not sure … Continue reading

Einstein wasn’t wrong

This morning I went to the office of the foreign police in Prague.  I’m not in any trouble – the office of foreign police deals with the admin for non-Czech citizens in Prague – visas, residency, applications for asylum and so on.  I am lucky enough that my employer’s HR department has lent a helping … Continue reading

Sugar, coffee, chocolate

We are having weekly language lessons.  I use “weekly” in the loosest sense possible, as since we moved here at the beginning of October we have had two lessons in total.  We are progressing at a rate so slow, it’s not perceivable to the human eye. I think I had wonderful language teachers at school. … Continue reading

Pilates Prague-style

I really dislike not being able to speak Czech.  I am inquisitive/nosey by nature and dislike not knowing what people on the metro are talking about, what my secretary is saying to her friend over the phone, and what the newspaper headlines are.  Although Prague is generally incredibly English-friendly, and young people in particular have an astonishingly … Continue reading