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Modern legend David Christof

I recently interviewed ultra-runner and modern legend David Christof. We met up about a week after I ran the Prague half marathon, which had gone very well. A very good friend sent me some sound advice on my way to meet Christof: Don’t, under any circumstances try to impress him with your half marathon time. … Continue reading

Potted Expat Wisdom

Last week was a year since I moved to Prague. I missed this anniversary entirely, but refuse to acknowledge a calender malfunction as a reason not to celebrate.  Whilst still relatively ‘green’ in Prague-expat terms, I think I have now been here long enough to (i) be ashamed of my limited Czech (ii) understand how trams work and … Continue reading

You can take the girl out of London…

I am so sad.  I know that sounds trite but the events in what I still consider to be my home city are just so appalling, it is hard to be anything but sad.  I spent yesterday evening manning a one-woman Prague-based news station – streaming BBC news via VPN, refreshing my twitter stream,  checking … Continue reading

Nice camera. Shame about the photos…

I went to the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition at Somerset House today, which is part of the World Photography Festival hosted at the same location.  The clue is in the title – this is an exhibition ‘benefiting’ heavily from Sony sponsorship.  Sony is quite natural sponsor of this sort of exhibition/competition. After all, Sony does … Continue reading