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A few of my favourite things (take 2)

I told you this would happen. I am indecisive and unable to make up my mind.  The time has come to update my personal list of Prague’s top attractions.  Previously I favoured: the metro system, the opera, carp at Christmas, weird name abbreviations, Czech inventions and the Woman on Zelezna.  Just the other day I realised it … Continue reading

I don’t drink very much / Please pass the wine

I don’t drink very much.   At least, compared to a lot of people I know (students, borderline alcoholics, wine merchants and publicans) I don’t drink very much.  Or so I thought until this week.     I woke up on Monday morning after the Secret Surprise Weekend feeling really rather sluggish.  I’d had a lot of beer … Continue reading

My Year in Facebook Statuses

 This week I downloaded “my year in Facebook statuses”.   Someone I hardly know and yet am virtual friends with anyway, had done a similar thing, which came up on my Facebook news-feed.  Clearly, they had enjoyed a lot of Pimms and a new niece, but had also been bored quite a lot.  I’m not sure … Continue reading

Pilates Prague-style

I really dislike not being able to speak Czech.  I am inquisitive/nosey by nature and dislike not knowing what people on the metro are talking about, what my secretary is saying to her friend over the phone, and what the newspaper headlines are.  Although Prague is generally incredibly English-friendly, and young people in particular have an astonishingly … Continue reading