Prague Castle

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An astronomical disappointment?

I got in a bit of a funk yesterday on the way home from work. I was walking across Staré Město Náměstí (Old Town Square) when I was almost run over by a “beer bike”.  For those not in the know, a beer bike is popular with stag-do’s in Amsterdam and Berlin and now, apparently, Prague.  It involves a group … Continue reading

A few of my favourite things (take 2)

I told you this would happen. I am indecisive and unable to make up my mind.  The time has come to update my personal list of Prague’s top attractions.  Previously I favoured: the metro system, the opera, carp at Christmas, weird name abbreviations, Czech inventions and the Woman on Zelezna.  Just the other day I realised it … Continue reading

Summer coming early?!

 I just thought I should send out a buoyant message to you all, as it’s just so wonderfully sunny in Prague!  I had my windows open and central heating off yesterday for goodness sake! Although perhaps that was a little premature as by the late evening the flat was freezing, our baby-kittens looked at me like … Continue reading

To the castle (not back)

I spent hours on Saturday trying to get to the castle.  Not Prague Castle, or even Vysehrad (which is meant to be lovely – let’s go in the spring), but a polystyrene castle on a ski slope in a tiny ski resort in the Jeseníky mountains, in northern Czech Republic.   We spent a happy day snowboarding … Continue reading