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“An Ace Caff with Quite a Nice Museum Attached” (Saatchi & Saatchi, on the V&A)

Last night I went to the opening of the Middle East Europe exhibition at DOX, one of my favourite galleries in Prague. My review is now live on Expat.cz – click here to view. This new exhibition considers the impact of modern media on wars and ethnic conflicts, focusing on the Arab-Israeli tension.  It presents the modern … Continue reading

Mmmmm…New boots

I have a mega crush. Sorry hubby, you’re lovely but I have a new infatuation now. My new boots. I had a horrible day the other day so, instead of doing anything rational to solve it, I had a G&T (in keeping with the January resolution of not drinking unless I really deserve it) and … Continue reading

A lesson in frugal living (Part 1 of 2)

This week I am undertaking a little social experiment.  I decided to join some friends in trying to live for a week on under £20 (595 czk in case you were wondering – let’s call it 600). This was prompted by a (fairly old) article by Stuart Jeffries at the Guardian in which he tried to … Continue reading

This is not just any blog

Earlier this week I reached an important marker in my expat life. A real milestone. A turning point. I went to M&S Food on Wenceslas Square. I have avoided this for the past thirteen months for a few reasons. Part of me (the weird part that makes up demanding rules by which to live, according to … Continue reading

Essex or St. Tropez?

I had to make an emergency purchase this afternoon. White jeans.  I know, worn the wrong way white jeans do have a tendency to scream “Essex!” but worn the right way (which I fancy is how I wear them), they are more “South of France, darling”.  My beloved white jeans, which are a bit of … Continue reading

Wardrobe wisdom…

I came back to Prague yesterday after spending a couple of weeks in London.  The change in weather and the fortnight-long holiday makes me feel like I’m about to start a new school term.  That, and the fact that I took basically my entire wardrobe to London and therefore needed to unpack everything, inspired me to … Continue reading

Shopping in Schengen (and a charity link)

I’ve had a lovely weekend with my parents and some friends who came to visit.  They flew in on Saturday morning, which was the start of the sunniest weekend Prague’s had this year.  Lovely. Their flying here surprised me in itself as, the last time my parents visited they had one of the most dreadful … Continue reading

Non-Eco Sushi and Happy Chicken Eggs

I have mentioned previously the pitfalls of shopping in a country where you don’t speak much of the language.  It becomes slightly trickier when, not only would you like to purchase specific items, you would also like to do so sustainably.  In the last few years in the UK it has become almost impossible to … Continue reading

Nigella never had to put up with this sort of rubbish…

I like to cook, I really do. For friends and family who come to visit, and for friends that we are making here. Our apartment here has the nicest kitchen I have ever had in rented accommodation, and so it seems a shame not to use it.  I also like to cook on a daily … Continue reading