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When I am an old woman

Hello dear reader – it’s been a while. A combination of tending to a poorly cat, going on holiday, training for the Prague half marathon and writing some cafe reviews has conspired to keep me from blogging as frequently before. Whilst I was away skiing however, inspiration bit and I saw something that I just had to share:  An old man … Continue reading

Non-Eco Sushi and Happy Chicken Eggs

I have mentioned previously the pitfalls of shopping in a country where you don’t speak much of the language.  It becomes slightly trickier when, not only would you like to purchase specific items, you would also like to do so sustainably.  In the last few years in the UK it has become almost impossible to … Continue reading

To the castle (not back)

I spent hours on Saturday trying to get to the castle.  Not Prague Castle, or even Vysehrad (which is meant to be lovely – let’s go in the spring), but a polystyrene castle on a ski slope in a tiny ski resort in the Jeseníky mountains, in northern Czech Republic.   We spent a happy day snowboarding … Continue reading