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When I am an old woman

Hello dear reader – it’s been a while. A combination of tending to a poorly cat, going on holiday, training for the Prague half marathon and writing some cafe reviews has conspired to keep me from blogging as frequently before. Whilst I was away skiing however, inspiration bit and I saw something that I just had to share:  An old man … Continue reading

There are two types of people in the world

It was snowing in Prague 2 at 7.15 this morning. I know as together with hubby, I was outside running in it.  I mentioned a while ago that one of my over ambitious new year resolutions was to run four half marathons in 2012. As if this wasn’t enough, I decided to schedule the first one for March, just … Continue reading

Burning witches and swan-shaped pedaloes

It snowed in Prague yesterday.  It is May. I feel lied to.  The Prague weather has been mis-sold. Everyone told me to look forward to the spring.  And spring seemed (at least temporarily) to be here… Prague changed dramatically throughout March and April,  as the weather became more temperate.  The snow stopped, apparently only for … Continue reading

Surprise! – The Pind in Vinohrady

 This weekend some of our friends from the UK paid us a surprise visit.  Actually, I was in on the surprise, but hubby was in the dark until Friday evening when they arrived and we did a bit of jumping about whilst shouting “Surprise”, which I am pretty sure gave it away.  We had a … Continue reading

Summer coming early?!

 I just thought I should send out a buoyant message to you all, as it’s just so wonderfully sunny in Prague!  I had my windows open and central heating off yesterday for goodness sake! Although perhaps that was a little premature as by the late evening the flat was freezing, our baby-kittens looked at me like … Continue reading

To the castle (not back)

I spent hours on Saturday trying to get to the castle.  Not Prague Castle, or even Vysehrad (which is meant to be lovely – let’s go in the spring), but a polystyrene castle on a ski slope in a tiny ski resort in the Jeseníky mountains, in northern Czech Republic.   We spent a happy day snowboarding … Continue reading

Nothing says Christmas like a gold twig.

Christmas in Praha is very jolly indeed.  I’m going out on a limb here, as it is not even Christmas proper yet. But I have had my first fake Christmas already, with another one scheduled for this weekend.  December started with an abundance of snow and with our brilliant friends Pippa and Simon coming to … Continue reading