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Snap Happy

I went to a two-day photography workshop this weekend.  I recently ‘inherited’ a digital SLR camera from my good friend Simon (who also named and designed this blog for me, so there’s lots to thank him for) and I thought I’d better learn how to use it.  Prague is such a beautiful city, and you … Continue reading

Essex or St. Tropez?

I had to make an emergency purchase this afternoon. White jeans.  I know, worn the wrong way white jeans do have a tendency to scream “Essex!” but worn the right way (which I fancy is how I wear them), they are more “South of France, darling”.  My beloved white jeans, which are a bit of … Continue reading

Simply messing about in boats

I had a my pal ‘Pal’  out to stay with me in Prague this weekend (I don’t know when we started calling each other Pal, but we do, so just go with it).  It’s great having people over from the UK. They bring out all the important stuff like Grazia and the Evening Standard.  I now know all about Jen’s new … Continue reading

Jdi do Prčice

Last weekend I joined 19,000 people on the Prague- Prčice walk with my friend K.  Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard about it either.  Turns out that this is a very Czech affair, slightly too obscure to be widely known about overseas, or even within the wider expat community in Prague.  The full trek is 70 km, … Continue reading

Burning witches and swan-shaped pedaloes

It snowed in Prague yesterday.  It is May. I feel lied to.  The Prague weather has been mis-sold. Everyone told me to look forward to the spring.  And spring seemed (at least temporarily) to be here… Prague changed dramatically throughout March and April,  as the weather became more temperate.  The snow stopped, apparently only for … Continue reading

A few of my favourite things (take 2)

I told you this would happen. I am indecisive and unable to make up my mind.  The time has come to update my personal list of Prague’s top attractions.  Previously I favoured: the metro system, the opera, carp at Christmas, weird name abbreviations, Czech inventions and the Woman on Zelezna.  Just the other day I realised it … Continue reading

Summer coming early?!

 I just thought I should send out a buoyant message to you all, as it’s just so wonderfully sunny in Prague!  I had my windows open and central heating off yesterday for goodness sake! Although perhaps that was a little premature as by the late evening the flat was freezing, our baby-kittens looked at me like … Continue reading