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Siva Tearoom – An Oasis in the Golden City?

Published originally with expats.cz ‘Siva’ is the name of a Saharan oasis, offering rest and peace to weary travellers and traders. Siva Čajovna is located on Masná in the Old Town and describes itself as an Arabian coffee and tea house. How did it compare to its namesake? Siva makes a good first impression. On entering … Continue reading

Put the Kettle On

Ah – tea.  This is a matter of crucial importance to many Brits and I am no exception.  I am of the opinion that a good cuppa can solve many of the world’s ills, or at least delay having to actually deal with them.  Tea is a matter close to my heart, and so I … Continue reading

How much is a cup of tea in Inverness, and other stories…

Big brother is watching you.  Really.  Even a harmless Google search cannot go unnoticed now. My blog has all these settings that allow me to monitor how many people look at my site each day, if they come via another website, what links they click on when they are on my site, and whether they are … Continue reading