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Mild Disposophobia

Disposophobia is the word for compulsive hoarding.  Now, I’m not saying that I am a chronic case, but I recently found out that I own eight hairbrushes. Eight.   I also possess almost thirty wine glasses and seventeen lighters. Neither me nor hubby smoke.  I have a bowl full of corks from special occasions that I cannot bring myself to … Continue reading

Friends with no Friends? – Roberts Wine in Karlin

I had a very successful friend-date this weekend.  Actually, it was a multiple-friend-date with some of the Prague-based ladies in my life.  As I mentioned right at the outset of this blog  making friends in a new city where you don’t know a soul and don’t really speak the language, is no mean feat. It’s a … Continue reading

I don’t drink very much / Please pass the wine

I don’t drink very much.   At least, compared to a lot of people I know (students, borderline alcoholics, wine merchants and publicans) I don’t drink very much.  Or so I thought until this week.     I woke up on Monday morning after the Secret Surprise Weekend feeling really rather sluggish.  I’d had a lot of beer … Continue reading