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A lesson in frugal living (Part 1 of 2)

This week I am undertaking a little social experiment.  I decided to join some friends in trying to live for a week on under £20 (595 czk in case you were wondering – let’s call it 600). This was prompted by a (fairly old) article by Stuart Jeffries at the Guardian in which he tried to … Continue reading

Remember Movember. Or “All good blog posts start with some inane chat about the weather”

Ah, November is here.  For some autumnal joy have a look at my Flickr page, including snaps from my recent stroll through the forest near Karlštejn.  I felt the winter creeping on this morning though.  I’d meant to go for a run early this morning but the chilly cloud of frozen fog that had wrapped its sneaky … Continue reading

A brief rant from beneath the glass ceiling

So, I was at lunch the other day when I overheard someone suggesting, as a totally serious notion, that it would be a great idea for large companies to run on-site crèches for employee’s babies, which could be staffed on an ad-hoc voluntary basis by the companies’ female employees. I cannot decide whether this is … Continue reading

An important lesson in Czech pastimes. Or “Golfwear for Birdies”

A new golfing shop opened recently near my apartment.  Nothing amazing about about that, but it reminded me that I have been meaning to tell you all about Czech golf for some time. This is how it started.  Day 1 at work.  I am taken out for lunch by some kindly folk and somehow the topic of … Continue reading

Location is Everything

Some friends of ours in Prague went off house hunting this weekend.  They are planning to buy a property out here, to live in for a few years, with the further potential to rent it out as and when they move on.  A sensible investment decision. But one which I don’t think I have the relaxed nature … Continue reading

It’s a Slippery Slope

Someone stole my mug at work this week.  I should make it clear upfront –  I appreciate this is not a problem of epic proportions and that, given the civil unrest and natural disasters that the world’s populations are dealing with at the moment, this is not exactly a priority.   So – I  now have carte … Continue reading

Pretty Massive Week

I apologise for the lack of blogging action recently.  I am a firm believer that people who post articles on a weekly (or more regular) basis, for a prolonged period of time should get out and live life a little bit, rather than just writing about it.  Which is exactly what I have been doing.    … Continue reading