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When I am an old woman

Hello dear reader – it’s been a while. A combination of tending to a poorly cat, going on holiday, training for the Prague half marathon and writing some cafe reviews has conspired to keep me from blogging as frequently before.

Whilst I was away skiing however, inspiration bit and I saw something that I just had to share:  An old man on skis.  Actually, I didn’t see him ski but I have it on very good authority that French ski legend Emile Allais still enjoys an hour on the slopes every day. He celebrated his 100th birthday this week.

Born in 1912, Allais has spent the larger part of his life doing what he loves. By 25 he had achieved a triple world champion status – descent, slalom and combined. He raced all over Europe, is a multi Olympic medal winner and is today a much-loved resident of the French ski town Megeve, his birthplace.  By all accounts, he was also a bit of a looker back in the day.

This week the people of Megeve threw Allais a massive birthday party, complete with a guard of honour of ski instructors, demonstrations of 1930s skiing techniques, flaming torches and lots of booze.  In the centre was an elderly man with a spring in his step and a grin on his face.  Just to reiterate, he’s 100 and still skis most days.

I change my life plan almost daily, but with inspiration like this there’s something new to aim for.  Those of you familiar with the Jenny Joseph poem will appreciate my new old-age resolution:  When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple (salopettes).


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