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Modern legend David Christof

I recently interviewed ultra-runner and modern legend David Christof. We met up about a week after I ran the Prague half marathon, which had gone very well. A very good friend sent me some sound advice on my way to meet Christof: Don’t, under any circumstances try to impress him with your half marathon time. It will be tempting. Resist. She was right. Telling someone who has completed 21 marathons, six 50 km races, five 50 mile races and two 100 mile runs that you jogged 13.1 miles in just under two hours, will probably not cause him to give you a standing ovation.

So I will tell you instead: Prague half marathon went very well. I ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour 49 mins, which was a personal best.  I celebrated by drinking a litre of squash and eating two packets of HulaHoops, whilst soaking in the bath. Classy.

For something even more inspiring, please read my article about the lovely David Christof. He is running from Prague to London this summer to raise money for the Blue Planet Network, who work to improve the supply of safe drinking water globally. Without consulting a map I can assure you this is a very long way. Even further than 13.1 miles. Click here to read more.


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